Contracts with IOCs

Local Content Services to International Oil Companies (IOCs)

1. Recruiting of local and diasporan Tanzanians from universities and other industries around the world in order to work for international oil companies or oilfield contractors. As leader or manager of an international oil company, you may not be fully familiar with Tanzanian universities and curriculum. Also, you may not know the diaspora and where Tanzanians outside of home country might be living, working or studying. You probably rely on direct or third party initiated local newspaper adverts, which are not a very effective means and result in hundreds of candidates for positions that are not qualified. Petrogas fills this gap by helping you wade through this costly and error-prone recruitment activity and come up with an efficient process that generates high quality candidates.

2. Arranging for Tanzanians employed by international companies to attend US, European and other foreign universities to take specialized courses, assisting them with visas, tax compliance, living accommodations, cultural orientations, etc. Most companies will establish programs such as this to take talented Tanzanians and raise their academic and conceptual understanding of the petroleum business. Typically they send them to universities in the US and Europe, but the administration of these programs can be problematic. Petrogas' Tanzanian and worldwide connection makes it uniquely placed to assist in this area requiring knowledge of foreign culture and regulations along with seamless contacts and cultural awareness in Tanzania.

3. Training of your Tanzanian staff in overview of petroleum and LNG, general Tanzanian regulations, petroleum commercial and legal structure, understanding the industry participants and their roles, contracting process, safety issues, FCPA and other compliance awareness training. Most petroleum companies do not have specialized in-house trainers and rely on general courses that are offered around the world. But often they are not tailored to the specific needs and skill levels, do not take into account the details of Tanzanian laws and PSAs, plus they are not offered in country. And since these courses are typically provided by foreign instead of local companies, they are expensive and not always fit to purpose. To address this gap, Petrogas uses a model similar to what it provides to the government.

4. Training of local Tanzanian businesses that are potential suppliers of goods and services to the international petroleum companies in petroleum company expectations, business management, governance and transparency, how to structure bids and invoices, cash management, borrowing, accounting and controls. One of the biggest barriers that international companies face when trying to use more local businesses is a gap in how business is done in-country versus the international corporate expectations. Many of these are not major gaps and can be bridged if the local companies can receive orientation and training on these different expectations. Petrogas is in position to provide this type of programs as most international company personnel become too busy or too expensive to do this.

5. Expatriate Assistance — arranging for visas, airport greeting and transportation, orientation to Tanzania and Dar es Salaam, safety briefings, housing search, and temporary accommodations. When international companies receive a government approval to go ahead with a project they end up moving people in very quickly, which overwhelms their local HR and logistics staff. Plus they may not know the local housing market or the city. Consequently they make mistakes, experience project delays and unhappy employees. Petrogas is your local company that can assist with this valuable activity.

6. Community Affairs — assisting with understanding of local communities and ethnic differences, facilitating community meetings and awareness programs, overseeing community projects and providing advice on sustainability issues, facilitating environmental impact assessments — Companies need to carry out all of these activities but often the expatriates do not understand local cultures and languages or how they vary by community. Even setting up meetings and finding venues can be a headache. Petrogas is a reliable and transparent local company that can assist with this mission-critical activity.

7. Local Procurement Services
— Smaller value items that would be procured on an agency basis upon issuance of purchase order requests by the international oil companies. These would typically be items available in the local economy or easily imported. This service could also be more limited in nature and be merely advisory, e.g. performing due diligence or prequalification of local suppliers involving on-site inspections of their premises, reviewing their financial strength, previous experience, etc.

8. Other types of Services —
If you need something different from the list above, please contact us immediately. We are seamlessly flexible and respond rapidly and with precision running the gamut from the upstream through midstream to the downstream. Ultimately, Petrogas is decidedly local—with a global reach!

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