Frequently Asked Questions
Is Petrogas an Exploration Company?
No, we are not an exploration Company, but we do work very closely with them (as well as government agencies and other corporate entities), assisting with all aspects of their Oil and Gas-related endeavors. We provide them with real solutions: people, equipment, expertise, advice, and even subcontracting of tasks if need be.

What are some reasons to hire Petrogas?
There are a myriad of reasons for hiring Petrogas. But let's give you a clear example:

You are an Oil and Gas Company and you wish to be involved with the expanding East African hydrocarbons industry. The first thing you would do is explore for a good production site, and you will likely try and find someone local to help you (Petrogas). Then, once you find a suitable site, you may wish to lease or purchase the land and establish buildings and machinery for drilling and logistics (Petrogas). Then, you can bring in your own workers to do the work. However, this can be very expensive. A better option is to hire locally (Petrogas). But wait — these people need to be trained (Petrogas), and you will need equipment (Petrogas). And then the oil and gas needs to be moved (Petrogas)...

You can see where this is headed — we can help you with just about every aspect of oil and gas production. Plus, the benefit of working with Petrogas is it's far more cost effective, and also ensures cooperation with the local populace (employment and local economic development helps tremendously in fostering acceptance and goodwill.)

We do this for National Oil Companies and International Oil Companies (NOCs and IOCs respectively), and also work with government agencies and other companies within the local Oil and Gas industry.

Can Petrogas supply skilled workers, like engineers and specialists?
Indeed we can. We locate, train, and utilize local professionals; we rely on international experts to fill talent gaps; and are capable of training anyone to any level necessary.

What about equipment?
We can procure just about any piece of equipment you require, from drilling supplies to the tankers that haul the fuel, and everything in between.

Is Petrogas environmentally conscious?
Yes, we are very environmentally conscious. We feel the only way long-term profits can be sustained is by being a responsible global citizen, and caring for the very land you are working on..

How about socially aware?
Yes, that too. In fact, Local Content is a key reason for our existence. We bridge the gap between corporate profits and local economic development, and ensure that they complement each other. The key aspect of this is when both sides are paid attention to, both sides benefit even more.

How can we contact Petrogas?
You may call us at 255-22-2601847 or click here for our contact form.