Our Services

Consulting & EPFC

Petrogas acts as a local consultant / project manager for international (and domestic) entities navigating the intricacies of the East African Oil and Gas exploration and production.

What this means in the real world is we have answers to your questions, and solutions to your problems.

We can provide you with expert knowledge at every level of the industry – from fact finding and discovery phases to exploration, extraction, production, logistics, and exporting.

But it doesn’t end with industry expertise and advice/guidance. Our services provide effective solutions to sometimes-perplexing problems. 

To give just one example, oftentimes, entities looking to operate in the theater of Oil and Gas encounter issues that were not planned for, and can be difficult to overcome. Indeed, companies can encounter a hostile environment, both natural and man-made. They are not accustomed to the local terrain, nor the needs of the populace, and find it difficult to successfully conduct business in an efficient manner.

In circumstances like this, engaging Petrogas can directly solve this type of issue. We can help organize the local populace into an accepting, trained labor pool that results in an efficient, enthusiastic workforce - at a substantial cost savings. The preverbal “everybody wins”. 

Again, this is one small example. There are many others. We know the land, we know the people, we know the industries, and we have a myriad of international contacts and partners as well. And, above all, we provide real, tangible solutions. Petrogas is an ideal partner to assist any entity, foreign or domestic, enhance their profits in the local Oil and Gas Industry.

Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication and Construction (EPFC)
The common industry acronym EPFC describes a major portion of our services. In short, Petrogas can leverage its extensive Tanzanian, African, and international ties to develop and provide world-class engineering talent and related fabrication and construction services.

Wherever possible, our focus is on sustainability via “in-country” resources. We also partner with international experts to undertake green-field/brown-field developments as well as typical support activities for existing operations. To name several specifics: engineering (concept, basic engineering and detailed engineering), construction, fabrication, welding, SIT testing, maintenance and corrosion control, and also support for offshore installation and commissioning, up to and including vessel maintenance.

We are not limited to the above - we offer a full range of hydrocarbon related services, and are well equipped to ensure your profitability within the East African Oil and Gas theater.

If we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.