What We Do
Petrogas is a multi-faceted Energy Consultancy, Training and Local Content provider. We deliver pervasive industry expertise, tangible resources, access to deep-rooted local content, and capacity building solutions to corporations, governmental entities, and non-profit organizations working within the East African Oil and Gas Industry. In essence, we are a Tanzanian company that has regional and international reach, and we operate on several fronts: we provide our corporate clients with profit-inducing solutions, human capital, training, and equipment; we provide our governmental and non-profit clients with a broad-spectrum of technical support in policies and initiatives that stimulate industrial development; we promote and diversify the national economy; we bring in advanced technology and competence; and we develop local capabilities resulting in a competitive local supply base and technically-competent workforce—all while ensuring the well-being of the indigenous populace and the environment.

This broad focus offers a key advantage to our clients. This is because all too often, new industry is opposed by the local populace. But when industry benefits an area socially and economically — and does so responsibly — everybody involved reaps the rewards. Companies are more profitable, operations are more efficient, and locals enjoy increased commerce and an overall positive economic impact.

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The Specifics of Our Business

Petrogas provides a wide array of services in the Oil and Gas Industry:
  • Local Human Capital — We are actively involved in identifying, hiring, training, placing, and managing skilled local talent in all facets of the Oil and Gas Industry. This runs the gamut from exploration and production to refining and marketing; and utilizes trained local workers, from general laborers to logistics and transportation-based personnel all the way up to highly skilled professionals trained locally and abroad. Thus, Petrogas provides its clients the ability to utilize a well-rounded local talent pool, while also fostering cooperation with the local populace in general.
  • Equipment — We can procure any oil and gas equipment for upstream, midstream, and downstream needs including (but not limited to) drilling supplies, steam systems, steel piping, fittings, water pumps, hydraulics, computer and instrumentation equipment, vehicles/trucks and trailers, machinery, and construction related equipment (including heavy equipment).
  • Consulting & EPFC — Petrogas is uniquely positioned as a local company with international standards and relationships. We leverage our extensive Tanzanian and East African ties with a global reach, taking advantage of our association with various industry professionals, contractors, and subcontractors. This knowledge can be utilized in all areas, including needs assessment, environmental impact assessment, engineering, procurement, fabrication, production, construction and socio-economic undertakings.
  • Health, Safety, and the Environment (HSE) — We are fully committed to the well-being of the environment and the safety of people. We firmly believe that long-term profitability can only be sustained when those core elements are continually observed and addressed.